Summer 2015: From deep under the original disco flooring of the Assembly Hall, a Pandora's box of caged female fury unleashed. A She-Ra call rang over the cornfields; a group of mighty ladies assembled with a lion's roar in their hearts and old-fashioned wrasslin' on their biceps. 

To avenge the world's wrongs. 

To claim the latent power of their kind. 

To entertain those weary of wars and floods and parking tickets. 

To wrestle a giant piece of pizza...


CLAW, aka Champaign Ladies Amateur Wrestling, is a collective of fun, smart and creative women who perform a funny and exciting lineup of professional-style wrestling matches accompanied by live music (props to the CLAW house band Bookmobile!).  CLAW’s ten founding members envisioned an organization that empowers women, creates community, and provides Champaign with high-quality entertainment.  CLAW’s previous shows, both held in the Mike n’ Molly’s beer garden, drew large crowds and garnered fervent praise from attendees.  Currently, CLAW is made up of fifteen wrestlers.